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The gremlins command works with command and flags. Think of commands as verbs and flags as adjectives.

gremlins <command> [flags]

If you type


a short usage summary will be printed.

At any time, you can get further help writing

gremlins help <command>

Global flags

Global flags are not command specific.


--config · Default: empty

Overrides the configuration file.

gremlins <command> --config=config.yml


--silent/-s · Default: false

Makes Gremlins work in silent mode, which means only errors will be reported on STDOUT. This is useful in CI runs when you don't want to clutter the log, but just read the results from a file or check the exit error code in combination with a threshold configuration.


Note that Gremlins will be completely silent if there aren't errors, it doesn't mean it is unresponsive.

gremlins <command> --silent